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Hello, I’m Nathan Slater.

I write about reality, evolution and complexity for daily life.

I live in Phoenix with my wife, Jette, and my dog, Schnebly.

When I’m not writing, I enjoy culinary adventures with friends, hiking and live music – especially electronic.

Latest Posts

Explaining Jokes

, Have you ever told a joke to people who didn’t understand it? You reveal the punch-line. You wait  . . . One person rolls her eyes. Another person stares expectantly, waiting for the humorous part. Another person grimaces, as if you just asked him the square root of...

National Awareness Awareness Day

Our department has an Intranet. When I logged on today, I learned there that April is Sexual Assault Awareness month. Below this headline, I spotted another item informing me that April is also National Autism Awareness month. This surprised me. For years, our...

Everything You Need

One of my organizational development courses in grad school was taught by a working consultant. One day he made a statement that I’ve put into practice many times. “The reality is, you have all the resources you need to accomplish anything you want.”...


Attention or effort toward the ultimate good;  concern for the well-being of the world.



 The ultimativity logo comes from a painting by a primary school student.